Free Guide: Devising a Kick-a** About Page - The 5 P's of Your Story


Photography and business tips to help you with your next venture, by eCommerce expert and professional photographer Samantha Eva.

Your Productivity Problem Solved: How to Do the Impossible

Getting up early is the first step to achieving a high productivity level. I know, I know... if you’re like me, you probably already groaned...

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Devising a Kick-a** About Page: The 5 P's of Your Story (with Bonus PDF Guide)

Starting from the very first word of your About page, your story must speak to your audience. 

Today I want to talk to you about your...

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Motivational Entrepreneur Quotes to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Looking for some new motivation for this exciting time ahead? Begin this fresh season of life with some of the best entrepreneurs in...

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For Photographers: Bring on the "Bad" Weather!

ATTENTION all nature photographers! Do you see a storm rolling in? How about billowing fog? Do the clouds seem to...

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Two Roads Diverged in a New Decade: A Poem for 2020

We're entering a new DECADE! Can you believe it!? Time sure does fly...

Let's take a moment to pause and reflect on the past few years. I have some...

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